Meet The Team

Maria Anna Koukoularis


Many years ago Founder/President Maria Koukoularis wanted to do something for children living in the homeless shelters in New Jersey. Easter, the day celebrated to remember the resurrection of Jesus seemed to be the perfect day to instill hope in these little ones. This initiative that was started in 1999 and grew over the past years and together with Executive Board Members Allyson Galinis and Eleni Koukoularis they expanded past Easter's 5000 baskets with many initiatives including and not limited to Scholarships, Jr. Board, Warm those in Need, Feed those in Need, Christmas, and so many more.

Allyson Galinis


Eleni Koukoularis


Catherine Hewitt

Creative Director

Ale Lapeyre

Marketing Director

Sophia Vnenchak

Jr. Board  Mentor

Jaquie Williams

JR Board Mentor

Debbi Orkenyi-Smith

Outreach Coordinator

Julia Ramos

Jr. Board President

Emma Dirmann

Jr. Board Co Vice President

Shane Panter

Jr. Board Co Vice President

Ashley Espeut

Jr. Board Treasurer

Adam Goldstein

Jr. Social Media Manager

Deleyni Smith

Jr. Board Admin

Anora Mainkar

Jr. Board Member

Maria Tzoumas

Jr. Board Member

Lindsay Hewitt

Jr. Board Member

Angelo D' Asti

Jr. Board Member

Nancy Sanchez-Caro

Board Member

Lawrence Fauntleroy

Board Member

Sujit  Dike

Board Member

Scott Levine

Board Member